The Weirdest Laws in United States History

State laws were made to keep peace and order relative to the culture of each state. And then there are weird laws that seem not to make sense to an outsider. There is a logical explanation for everything no matter it may sound at first. But of course, there are some exceptions. Here are a five of the weirdest laws in the United States History:

1. Illegal Cheese Labeling in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the state of cheese. Seriously, they regard their cheeses as one of the best in the world. And if it doesn’t meet the standard, oh boy, someone is in a lot of trouble! The law states that every cheese labeled as Wisconsin Certified Premium Grade AA must be fine, highly pleasing and free from undesirable flavors and odors. If this does not ensure high quality, I don’t know what else will.

2. Bigfoot Hunting in Washington

To all Bigfoot hunters, beware! In Skamania County, Washington, the hunting and killing of Bigfoot is an offense and punishable by 5 years’ incarceration. This law was passed in 1969 but was later amended later on declaring the Bigman as an endangered species.

3. Sunday Hunting Bans in Virginia

No hunting on Sundays except for raccoons. In Virginia, Sunday is a special day, even for wild birds and animals including nuisance species or vermin. So, Sunday is considered a rest day for all including birds and animals. There’s one exception; raccoons are still fair game on this day.

4. Marriage By Proxy in Texas

Marriage by proxy is legal in Texas. A person can get married even if he/she is absent at his/her wedding; as long as there’s a valid reason for the absence. That person can appoint anyone in his/her place. All proper documentation must be filed prior to said marriage by proxy.

5. Politician Ban for Dueling in Tennessee

Has anyone been involved in a duel lately? If you have, you can’t hold any public office if you are in Tennessee. The Tennessee Constitution clearly states that it is unlawful to hold public office if a person does any one of the following: “fight a duel; knowingly be the bearer of a challenge to fight a duel; send or accept a challenge for that purpose or aiding or abettor in fighting a duel.”

Well, these are just teasers for more out of this world laws in the United States. They are seemingly weird and outrageous to outsiders but not always to citizens of the states or counties. Hey, if the laws are working to keep peace, justice and order, then, they are just fine and dandy!

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