Man Paralyzed in Uber Crash Sues for $63 Million Dollars

Last year, a Massachusetts man was injured in a serious car accident involving the Uber he was riding in. The trip in the ride-hailing service left him paralyzed. 

On Tuesday, January 25th, 2022, the man – William Good – filed a lawsuit against Uber claiming that the company was negligent in the hiring of the driver. In 2021, William Good hailed a late ride home from his Sommerville, Massachusetts restaurant job. The driver of the Uber allegedly swerved and slammed into a parked car at a high rate of speed. The force of the collision threw Good into the passenger’s headrest. According to Good, he instantly knew he was unable to move, and thought immediately that his neck was broken. 

The 31 year old man was left quadriplegic in the accident, unable to move any of his extremities. Good claims that the lawsuit isn’t just about money, he wants his story to server as a cautionary tale and a catalyst that sparks better oversight into the ride share industry. 

According to the lawsuit, Uber hired a driver that had a spotty safety record, and thus was negligent in hiring and retaining him. The lawsuit alleges that Uber knew or should have known that the driver was dangerous and would put others in jeopardy for their safety. 

The lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, seeks $63 million dollars in damage for severe physical, mental and emotional injuries and extraordinary pain and suffering. A spokesman for Uber declined to comment on the pending litigation. 

According to the lawsuit, the driver in this incident had a dangerous driving record that spanned nearly three decades, including a number of moving violations, crashes and at least 20 traffic citations. 

After this tragic car accident, Good spent over two in the ICU at Massachusetts General Hospital, followed by another two month in rehabilitation and physical therapy. He is still unable to do many basic tasks. The negligence claims in this case related to the oversight by Uber – or lack thereof – are fairly unique. This case seems to be fairly clearly negligent, but due to the confidentiality of many settlements, it’s unclear how a majority of these types of lawsuits involving Uber are ultimately resolved. 

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