Types of Liquor License Permits in Ohio

In Ohio, companies or organizations that wish to sell, distribute, manufacture or serve alcohol must have a permit to do so. At Sawan & Sawan, our liquor license attorneys help a variety of businesses navigate the often complicated process of securing a liquor license from the State of Ohio. The application process in Ohio can be highly technical, and hiring a lawyer familiar with these laws can help you and your business ensure that you have been fully advised on all relevant information.

Every state in the country has an alcohol beverage control agency that regulates the manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail sale of alcoholic beverages. There are no unrestricted free markets for alcohol sales in any state. In Ohio, the Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control is responsible for controlling the manufacture, distribution, licensing, regulation, and merchandising of beer, wine, mixed beverages, and spirituous liquor as the law is outlined in the Ohio Revised Code Chapters 4301. and 4303.

In Ohio, alcohol sales and production permits are broken into a variety of “classes”- each of which provide a different set of privileges to either manufacture, distribute or sell alcoholic beverages. These classes are as follows:

Permits to Manufacture Alcoholic Beverages in Ohio

Permit ClassPermit FeeDescription
A1$3,906ORC 4303.02 Manufacturer of Beer – producing more than 31 million gallons per year, wherever produced, and sell beer products to wholesale permit holders.
A1A$3,906ORC 4303.021 Beer, and any intoxicating liquor by the glass or container on A-1 or A-2 permit premises only until 2:30am.
A1c$1,000ORC 4303.022 Manufacturer of Beer – producing up to 31 million gallons per year wherever produced, for sale on premises at retail for on premises consumption, and sell beer products to retail and wholesale permit holders.
A2$76ORC 4303.03 Manufacturer of wine.
A-2f$76ORC 4303.031 Ohio farm winery that grows and manufactures wine, from grapes, fruits, or other agricultural products on land it owns and uses only for agriculture.
A3$2 to $3,906ORC 4303.04 Manufacture, import and sell alcohol and spirituous liquor
A3A$2 to $400ORC 4303.041 Manufacturer of less than 100,000 gallons of spirituous liquor and sale to a personal consumer.
A4$3,906ORC 4303.05 Manufacture and sell certain prepared and bottled drinks, import for blended purposes
A5$1,000 per plantORC 4303.051 Manufacturer of ice cream containing not less than one-half of one percent alcohol by volume and not more than six percent of alcohol by volume. This holder may sell ice cream for consumption on the premises where manufactured or in sealed containers for consumption off premises. This law will become effective September 29, 2017.
B2A$25ORC 4303.07 Sale of wine to retail permit holder.
S$25ORC 4303.232 Sale of wine to personal consumer via mail order.
W$1,563ORC 4303.231 To operate a warehouse for the storage of beer or intoxicating liquor within the state and to sell such products from the warehouse to a B permit holder with Consent to Import on file or to other customers outside this state.

Permits to Distribute Alcoholic Beverages in Ohio

Permit ClassPermit FeeDescription
B1$3,125ORC 4303.06 Distributor of beer, ale, stout, other malt liquor.
B2$500ORC 4303.07 Distributor of bottled wine.
B3$124ORC 4303.08 Distributor of sacramental wine.
B4$500ORC 4303.09 Distributor of mixed beverages.
B5$1,563ORC 4303.10 Distributor and importer and bottler of wine.

Permits to Sell Alcoholic Beverages at a Retail Store in Ohio Carryout

Permit ClassPermit FeeDescription
C1$252ORC 4303.11 Beer only in original sealed container for carry out only.
C2$376ORC 4303.12 Wine and mixed beverages in sealed containers for carry out.
C2X$252ORC 4303.121 Beer in original sealed containers for carry out.
D8$500ORC 4303.184 Sale of tasting samples of beer, wine, and mixed beverages, but not spirituous liquor, at retail, for consumption on premises.

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