10 Car Accident Closes Intersection at Secor and Monroe After a Semi-Truck Loses Control

On Friday, February 5th, 2022, several people were reportedly injured when a semi-trailer lost control at the intersection of Secor Road and Monroe Street in West Toledo.

At least ten vehicles were involved in the crash and multiple people were taken to the hospital with non-critical injuries, according to Toledo Police. The driver of the semi lost control and it “snowballed from there,” an officer said.

The busy intersection at Secor and Monroe was closed for several hours while first responders cleaned up debris and tended to injured drivers. 

According to the police report, the semi was in the left turn lane on Secor when it rear ended someone, setting off a chain reaction of car crashes. One of the other drivers was towing a small trailer with a John Deere ride on lawnmower, which was knocked off the trailer. 

The truck driver was reportedly disoriented at the scene and was unable to speak to police. He went to Toledo Hospital where police spoke to him. He said that his check engine light went on as he was moving and his engine stopped running – causing him to lose control of his vehicle.

The driver did admit to having seizures – with the most recent one happening 7 months ago.

Oddly, the report says, “also found in the vehicle was a bottle of urine the truck driver stated he purchased.” The property was booked into TPD.

His insurance was not immediately noted on the accident report and prescription medication was found in his truck.

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