Not all products are created equal.

Imagine you are in a store, scouring shelves upon shelves of products. As you pan left and right down the aisle, several things occur to you. First of all, the sheer quantity of products is staggering. Secondly, it is quite apparent that the companies that makes these products spared no expense in branding and advertising. However, what is less readily apparent is that, despite the large sums of money expended to get you to buy a product, one or more of those products may be defectively manufactured or designed. This may come in the form of a failed warning, a deviation from the intended design or an outright bad initial design. If such a product has led to the injury of yourself or a loved one, you owe it to both yourself and future consumers to take a stand and assert your legal rights

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f there is one thing that gets a business’ attention, it is losing money. Often times, when a business or corporation has begun selling a defective product, it often will continue distributing a dangerous product until the cost of recall or cessation of sales is justified by the legal liability of keeping in it the stream of commerce. To put it simply, to some companies, consumer injuries are just the cost of doing business. As an Attorney and Consumer, this acquiescence to irresponsibility in the name of profit  is fundamentally unacceptable to me. If you have been injured by the negligent design or manufacture of a product, call Toledo, Ohio Attorney Dennis E. Sawan today to give your injury a voice.

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