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When you or your family members have been injured, the most important thing for you to do is hire personal injury attorneys who understand how important your recovery is and have the skill to obtain full compensation for your injury claim. At Sawan & Sawan, we understand the importance of getting back on your feet after an injury physically, emotionally, and financially. Our personal injury law firm is based locally in Toledo, Ohio and for those injury victims in Ohio, our team of personal injury lawyers stand ready to help. If you or your family needs a personal injury attorney in Toledo, Ohio, call us today for a free consultation.

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Injured in Ohio? We Can Help.

Personal injury cases involve many aspects of law where our attorneys can help tremendously. After an injury, the victim finds themselves dealing with insurance companies, other parties involved in the accident, other attorneys, the court system, health insurance companies, hospitals, chiropractors, and various other individuals or organizations. With over 35 years of combined experience – the personal injury lawyers at Sawan & Sawan can help quickly and effectively negotiate and work with these parties to resolve injury claims as soon as possible in order to allow you to focus on what matters most – your health and your recovery.

Practice Areas

Car Accidents

At Sawan & Sawan, our family of lawyers has over 35 combined years of legal experience representing the victims of car accidents. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for injured car accident victims. Often times, when someone is injured in a car accident, they find themselves confused and alone. Our team of car accident lawyers can help. The American Legal system exists, in part, to ensure that all members of society conduct themselves in a reasonable and responsible manner. These standards are often referred to as “duties” in the practice of law. Despite this aim, the reality is that the negligence of another often leads to serious injury or disability especially when it comes to drivers on the road. Often times, when this happens, an insurance company will deny coverage as a matter of course. Other times, a negligent party will refuse to accept any responsibility, instead opting to place the blame on the victim. The odds can seem stacked against you and pursuing your rights by yourself can be intimidating and confusing.

By retaining the legal services of Sawan & Sawan, you’ll always get strong and intelligent legal advocates helping to pursue the settlement or judgment you deserve. As with most civil actions in the State of Ohio, personal injury claims are governed by strict statutes of limitation. If you wait too long, you may lose your right to seek damages. If you have been injured in the State of Ohio, call today for a free consultation and learn how the personal injury attorneys at Sawan & Sawan can help.

Learn more about the Toledo Car Accident Lawyers at Sawan & Sawan here. 

Truck Accidents

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a truck accident, the law holds that it is your responsibility to prove that the truck driver caused the accident – as well as your injuries. In some cases, this endeavor can be much harder than you may think. In situations involving serious injury accidents, it is often your word against the truck drivers. When facing serious repercussions, it’s common for at fault truck drivers to attempt to minimize their role or act out of self-preservation. Making things even more complicated, the cause of the truck accident is sometimes due to a third party – such as the carrier failing to complete routine maintenance or a defective part from the truck manufacturer. In these circumstances, you may need to gather evidence from a distant – and often unhelpful – third party. Because of these complexities, it is always best to consult with a qualified truck accident lawyer.

At Sawan & Sawan, our family of truck accident lawyers have experience helping victims of serious injury accident. For over 30 combined years, our team has been helping injury victims put the pieces of their lives back together. Call Sawan & Sawan today at 419-900-0955 or toll free at 1-866-INJURY-0.

Learn more about the Toledo Ohio Truck Accident Lawyers at Sawan & Sawan here. 

Dog Bites

Ohio dog bite law exists, in part, to simplify the often complex principles of a personal injury case. In the average personal injury case, an injured party has the obligation to prove that there was a: duty, breach, that caused, damage. Duty and breach can be established in a variety of ways, but showing that a duty exists can be a highly technical and fact specific undertaking. As a result, Ohio has instituted a strict liability statute. What this means is that in order to recover, an injured party has a much easier road as duty and breach is already established by statute. In simple terms, the fact that a dog injured someone is enough to hold that owner strictly liable. This is subject to a few narrow defenses.

Dog Bite injuries vary greatly from a common personal injury suit, where a Plaintiff must prove that there was a duty, breach, causation and damages. In a strict liability action, the duty and breach is present simply because the dog bite occurred, meaning the owner is liable for any damages caused by the dog. Often times, people are hesitant to assert their legal rights under this law because the families are friends and the thought of lawyers seems unnecessarily adversarial. However, this is often not the case, as claims against homeowner’s insurance policies for dog bites are rarely as contentious as people assume.

Learn more about the Toledo Dog Bite Lawyers at Sawan & Sawan here. 

Wrongful Death

At Sawan & Sawan, we understand that an unfortunate reality of life is that it is certain to end eventually. As a result, the time we have on this earth with our loved ones is the most valuable asset we have. When a loved one has been denied that time on earth due to the irresponsibility or negligence of another, legal recovery is often the only way to obtain some semblance of retribution.

One of the more nuanced aspects of Ohio Wrongful Death law is that, according to Ohio wrongful death laws, immediate family members can sue for their emotional and economic losses caused by the death of their loved one. Usually only one family member, however, will need to be selected as the representative for all beneficiaries. This representative will be the named plaintiff in the wrongful death case and can seek compensation for:

While money alone will never be enough to bring back a loved one, it can help to memorialize a life and compensate those who have suffered at the hands of another.  Often times, bringing closure to legal disputes surrounding a death is the first step towards a return to normalcy after tragedy. We know too well what it takes to provide exceptional service and support in the context of clients who have lost a loved one. That’s we every attorney at our firm treats your case with sympathy and understanding – while maintaining a strong defense of the rights of the deceased. If a loved one has lost their life due to the fault of another, please call Sawan & Sawan today to explore your options for holding the culpable parties responsible.

Learn more about the Toledo Wrongful Death Lawyers at Sawan & Sawan here. 

Medical Malpractice

Ohio medical malpractice law offers legal protection to patients who have been negligently injured by a health care provider. Ohio health care providers must administer treatment within a standard of care that other experienced health care providers in the same profession would use. When failure to meet this standard of care results in injury to the patient, the health care provider is medically negligent and can be sued for medical malpractice. Common situations in which an Ohio medical malpractice suit might arise include: surgical injuries; errors in prescribing medication; misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose; mistreatment or a failure to treat. An injured person must bring a claim for medical malpractice within a certain time frame before the claim is lost. This time frame is known as the statute of limitations. In Ohio, the statute of limitations is one year from the dates of surgery, termination of the doctor-patient relationship, or the date the patient discovers or should have discovered the malpractice whichever occurs the latest in time. There is a four year statute of repose which when reached will bar any further action. Ohio caps the amount of non-economic damages a patient may recover. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical negligence, call the medical malpractice lawyers at Sawan & Sawan today at 1-866-INJURY-0. 

Learn more about the Toledo Ohio Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Sawan & Sawan here. 

Defective Products

Imagine you are in a store, scouring shelves upon shelves of products. As you pan left and right down the aisle, several things occur to you. First of all, the sheer quantity of products is staggering. Secondly, it is quite apparent that the companies who have caused these products to be in front of you have spared no expense in branding and advertising. However, what is less readily apparent is that, despite the large sums of money expended to get you to buy a product, one or more of those products may be defectively manufactured or designed. This may come in the form of a failed warning, a deviation from the intended design or an outright bad initial design. If such a product has led to the injury of yourself or a loved one, you owe it to both yourself and future consumers to take a stand and assert your legal rights. 

If there is one thing that gets a business’ attention, it is losing money. Often times, when a business or corporation has begun selling a defective product, it often will continue distributing a dangerous product until the cost of recall or cessation of sales is justified by the legal liability of keeping in it the stream of commerce. To put it simply, to some companies, consumer injuries are just the cost of doing business. For our lawyers, this acquiescence to irresponsibility in the name of profit is fundamentally unacceptable to us. If you have been injured by the negligent design or manufacture of a product, call Sawan & Sawan today  at 1-866-INJURY-0 and give your injury a voice.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury is defined as, “a blow or jolt to the head that disrupts the function of the brain.” These injuries can have especially severe consequences, including cognitive, emotional and behavioral complications. In some circumstances, such injuries can result in death. It frequently takes between 5 and 10 years for victims of such injuries to recover. If you believe that you or a love one has suffered from such an injury due to the negligence of another, it is imperative that you speak with a traumatic brain injury attorney to discuss your rights. While money alone will never make you or your family whole again, it can provide ongoing treatment and help provide closure to an unfortunate situation.

The Brain Injury Association of America regularly compiles statistics of traumatic brain injuries in the United States. According to the BIA, a person in America suffers a traumatic brain injury every 21 seconds. Every year in the United States alone, 1.4 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury. Many of these injuries are due to the negligence of another. If you or a loved one are the victim of a traumatic brain injury it is important that you call us right away at 1-866-INJURY-0. Trained traumatic brain injury lawyers can help you secure the compensation you deserve and help you on the road to recovery.

Slip and Falls

In a slip and fall accident – tort law applies. There are four elements to a tort: duty, breach of that duty, causation and damages.  Even if you are not at fault, you must still prove the tort. That means you must establish the duty owed to you by the business owner. For example, a business owner or employee who knows about a wet puddle in the store but fails to warn customers about it would likely establish duty and breach. Once duty and breach are proven, you must show that any injuries or damages you suffered were directly and proximately caused by the other’s negligence. All of this must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence. You will have to get all documentation supporting your medical treatment, loss wages and any other damages you suffered as a result of the accident. Because of this, insurance companies generally won’t pay for any of your outstanding medical bills or for that matter any damages until the case is either settled or tried to a jury. If tried to a jury and you lose, you will still have to pay back the outstanding medical bills. Because slip and fall injury cases can be complicated and involve unique aspects of State law, call the slip and fall lawyers at Sawan & Sawan today to discuss your case. 

Nursing Home Injuries

Placing a parent or sibling in a nursing home or long- term care facility is a difficult decision that we all have to eventually deal with. We all believe that when it comes time to make that decision, we can expect that our family will receive not only appropriate care, but will not suffer from abuse or neglect. It is paramount that our family will receive optimum care and will not be subjected to abuse or be neglected.

In fact, under O.R.C. 3721.10, et seq,  known as the Ohio Nursing Home Resident Bill of Rights, your family is protected. This statute creates a mechanism for enforcement of broad categories of nursing homes’ and skilled care facilities’ duties. In essence, it protects the residents of these facilities from abuse and negligence. The Bill of Rights obligates the facility itself to protect the rights of the residents. These rights are in the statute and include but are not limited to:

  • the right to a safe environment;
  • the right to be safe from abuse;
  • the right to live in a clean environment;
  • the right to receive adequate and appropriate medical treatment and nursing care; and
  • have all reasonable requests and inquiries responded to promptly.

These are just a few of the rights as the statute lists a total of twenty-eight. The statute not only allows the state to take enforcement action but also provides a private right of action. The statute also allows the grieved resident to seek not only injunctive relief but also receive compensatory and punitive damages. In addition, under federal law certain services, standards, and level of care for nursing homes are in place to protect residents. The primary goal is to insure that nursing home residents maintain or attain the highest  mental, physical, and psychosocial well being.These standards are accomplished with a plan of care which is tailored to each resident. These federal laws incorporate and implement inspections, satisfactory operational and staffing requirements, and a mechanism for complaint investigation which will ensure that the residents are receiving adequate care. The main federal policy outlining federal nursing home law was first outlined in 1987 by the U.S. Congress. The statute was titled The  Nursing Home Reform Act. It created guidelines for long-term health care nursing homes that receive federal Medicaid and Medicare Funding. The statute covers several aspects of nursing home care from residents rights to staffing and operational requirements. Under these laws, the health and well-being of residents may not decline unless medically unavoidable. Like Ohio Bill of Rights, the federal law also includes similar resident rights. In general, the resident must receive adequate nutrition, personal hygiene, mental and emotional support, and social involvement. If incapable of daily living, activities such as grooming and using the restroom are entitled to personalized care from the nursing staff. Violation can preclude continued reimbursement in Medicaid or Medicare benefits.

The Older American Act (OAA) is a group of federal nursing home laws which were enacted in 1965. It was the first federal initiative that was aimed to provide comprehensive services for the elderly. It administers federal grant programs through the U.S.Administration on Aging for  senior benefit. The grants may be used for:

  • Funding of nursing homes and other senior centers;
  • Community planning and social services;
  • Research and development projects;
  • Personnel training regarding age;
  • Protection activities for vulnerable elder rights;
  • Meals and job training for older Americans.

Once a claim occurs, the family of the resident must act quickly. Although the family is  limited in bringing the action(it must be filed by the resident),  there are strict time limits for the filing of the lawsuit. Under Ohio law, these claims are treated as medical malpractice. As such, they are governed by a one year statute of limitations.That means you must file a lawsuit within one year or be forever barred from pursuing the claim.The claim can be extended by one hundred and eighty days through a certified letter sent to all target Defendants. Generally federal law defers to the state law for the filing of these cases. The following are  potential abuse and neglect cases within the facility:

  • Negligent hiring of staff by the facility;
  • Negligent supervision of staff;
  • Negligent training;
  • Understaffing;
  • Failing to monitor a resident;
  • Failing to seek prompt medical care or treatment;
  • Failing to provide adequate food and liquids;
  • Over restraining;
  • Overmedicating;
  • Medication error;
  • Intentional or mental abuse;
  • Financial abuse;
  • Sexual abuse or assault;
  • Theft;
  • Fall injuries;
  • Significant weight loss.
The following are a few examples of nursing home injuries:
  • Bedsores known as decubitus ulcers;
  • Malnutrition or dehydration;
  • Fractures or broken bones from falls;
  • Infections;
  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, or burns;
  • Wrongful death.
Nursing home negligence usually consists of a system-wide problem. It usually involves many employees. As mentioned earlier the staff maybe under trained or the facility is under staffed which creates a toxic environment for the residents. Due to the complexity of these cases, if you suspect nursing home negligence, be proactive and immediately  call an attorney who is well versed in these types of claims.

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