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If you’ve endured a loss of personal property, you may have been contacted by your insurance company. You had been told by your insurance company that if you had to make an insurance claim, they would “be on your side.” You only find out when you lose your property and have to make a claim with your insurance company that perhaps the insurance company will try to claim that you aren’t covered. Even worse than that, the insurance company will likely subject you to a long, drawn out and frustrating process of requiring a statement under oath. Don’t go through this process alone. Our insurance claim attorneys deal with insurance companies everyday and we don’t play games with your insurance claim. 

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Don't Let Insurance Companies Play Games with Your Claim.

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out your insurance company is going to make the insurance claim process very difficult for you after losing property. We hold insurance companies accountable. This is a basic tenet that we apply to the representation of every individual negotiating with an insurance company. We demand a fair and unbiased process for which to establish the value of your claim. Our insurance claim lawyers will work tirelessly to guarantee that you are compensated to the full extent of your loss. Don’t let the insurance company mess around with your claim. If you’re making a claim with your insurance company, Sawan & Sawan is here to help.

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As part of the insurance claim process, the insurance company may cite your contract. If you review the fine print, they have the right to conduct what can be an intrusive and lengthy investigation before they even decide if you are covered. This investigation can often involve what is referred to as a statement under oath. At this meeting, you will be required to answer questions under oath and should always have an insurance lawyer present. Your cooperation is paramount and you must answer truthfully. The insurance company often tries to use this meeting as a basis to deny your claim entirely. 

If the insurance company decides to investigate your claim, part of their investigation will be to ask you questions that they think will help them determine if they will cover you or not. They will usually ask about your financial condition and about the circumstances that gave rise to the loss of your property. Speak with a lawyer from our team if you’ve been asked to attend a statement under oath by your insurance company. 

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