I Am Charged With a DUI or OVI in Ohio, Do I Need a Lawyer?

Our Ohio DUI and OVI attorneys have years of experience in the courtroom. After all of this experience navigating Ohio DUIs and Ohio OVIs, we’ve heard this question asked more than anything else. To be candid – the answer is not always yes. However, if you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there are some potentially life altering consequences. We do not write this to scare you, but it is critical to your determination to seek counsel that you understand what consequences you are facing. Potential consequences of conviction of a DUI in Ohio include license suspension, large fines, potential employment implications, CDL implications and even incarceration.

Here’s Where a Good Ohio/OVI Attorney Comes In.

Did you know that intoxication results are not always correct? Did you know that an officer’s perception of intoxication can often be successfully placed in doubt? This is entirely fact specific, but depending on which kind of test was used, you may be able to successfully challenge the test results. Experienced attorneys get the maintenance records for the equipment used in the testing and know police standards and practices with respect to DUI/OVI arrests.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Finally, you need to be prepared, too. No defense is ready unless you are taught how to present yourself on the witness stand. In the final analysis, what a jury wants to know most is who they can trust. With our Ohio DUI attorneys, we bring years of experiencing representing clients charged with DUIs in Ohio or clients charged with OVIs in Ohio. We know how to help you navigate the legal waters.

Getting to Settlement

After a demand package is transmitted to the insurance company, an often tense negotiation period is commenced. The services of a skilled car accident lawyer in Ohio can be of tremendous value when negotiating the amount of your claim. After some argument, a settlement offer will likely be extended by the insurance company if they determine the claim is covered. At this point, it is important to speak with your attorney openly and candidly about the value of your case, the potential legal problems and the full extent of future damages. Even if you are injured in a car accident in Ohio, settling the case before litigation might make sense. While it can be hard to predict future damages with exact specificity, a good car accident attorney can help you weigh the relative pros and cons of a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, your Ohio car accident lawyer can begin the process of bringing suit against the insurance company in a court of law.

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Helpful Tips if You’re in a Car Accident in Ohio

  • Gather the Facts
  • Take Photos (Cell Phone Cameras are your friend)
  • Do not make a statement admitting fault
  • Compile names and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • Make a police report
  • Collect all medical diagnosis paperwork and bills
  • Collect any information relating to wage loss, pay stubs, etc.


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