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A fundamental constitutional right in the United States is that no one can be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. There is nothing more valuable than our rights and freedom. When charged with a crime, these rights and freedoms are tested and must be vigorously defended. It’s this basic tenet that our criminal defense lawyers apply to the representation of every individual accused of a crime. The constitution ensures the accused a fair and unbiased process for which to establish guilt or innocence. Our team works tirelessly on behalf of our clients ensure that all rights afforded to the accused are provided and respected throughout the criminal process. If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense in Ohio, call 419-900-0955 for a free consultation. 

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Felony Defense

A felony is the most severe type of crime, and carries the potential for a prolonged period of incarceration in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. In Ohio, felonies are classified in one of 5 categories of increasing severity. Felonies also carry potential monetary penalties ranging from $2,500 to $20,000. Additionally, Ohio is unique in that there are a number of “unclassified” felonies. If you are convicted of a felony in Ohio, unless a statute provides otherwise, the felony will likely have an associated sentencing range – as well as a presumption for or against community control. In Ohio, probation for felony convictions is called community control, which is a less restrictive option for Courts to use to allow an offender to remain in society. A skilled criminal defense lawyer knows how to most effectively persuade a court to consider community control.

If you have you been charged with a felony in the state of Ohio, you need a dedicated and skilled criminal defense team. Our team have over 35 combined years of experience representing people accused of crimes. Our team of lawyers will work tirelessly to make sure the legal process is as fair and seamless as possible. Criminal law is complex, and the consequences are severe, so having a strong advocate in your corner is invaluable

Offense LevelPrison TermMaximum Fine
1st Degree Felony3 Years – 10 Years$20,000
2nd Degree Felony2 Years – 8 Years$15,000
3rd Degree Felony1 Year – 5 Years$10,000
4th Degree Felony6 Months – 18 Months$5,000
5th Degree Felony6 Months – 12 Months$2,500

OffensePrison TermMaximum Fine
Aggravated Murder with Death SpecificationDeath; Life Without Parole; Life With Parole After 20-30 Years$25,000
Aggravated Murder without Death SpecificationLife with parole after 20 years$25,000
Murder15 Years – Life; Life without parole for certain sexual specifications$15,000

Misdemeanor Defense​

While not as serious as felonies, misdemeanor convictions in Ohio can have serious consequences to your life. In Ohio, there are 5 classes of misdemeanors, ranging from a minor misdemeanor on the low end, to a misdemeanor of the first degree on the high end. Incarceration for a misdemeanor in Ohio usually occurs in local custody, instead of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. This often means that confinement is completed closer to the site of the charge. Additionally, Courts have the ability to consider probation in lieu of a jail sentence. However, whether probation is available in any given circumstance requires a deep understanding of a number of factors, including the facts of the case, the judge’s sentencing preferences and more.
Offense LevelMaximum Jail TimeMaximum Fine
1st Degree Misdemeanor180 Days$1,000
2nd Degree Misdemeanor90 Days$750
3rd Degree Misdemeanor60 Days$500
4th Degree Misdemeanor30 Days$250
Minor MisdemeanorNone$150

DUI/OVI Defense

If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there are some potentially life altering consequences. In all DUI/OVI cases, it is critical to seek counsel so you can fully understand what consequences you are facing. Potential consequences after conviction of a DUI in Ohio include license suspension, large fines, potential employment implications, CDL implications and even incarceration.

But did you know that intoxication results are not always correct? Did you know that an officer’s perception of intoxication can often be successfully placed in doubt? This is entirely fact specific, but depending on which kind of test was used, you may be able to successfully challenge the test results. Experienced attorneys get the maintenance records for the equipment used in the testing and know police standards and practices with respect to DUI/OVI arrests.

Finally, you need to be prepared, too. No defense is ready unless you are taught how to present yourself on the witness stand. In the final analysis, what a jury wants to know most is who they can trust. With our Ohio DUI attorneys, we bring years of experiencing representing clients charged with DUIs in Ohio or clients charged with OVIs in Ohio. We know how to help you navigate the legal waters.

No. and Type of OffenseDegree of OffenseIncarcerationFines
1st in 10 years [simple OVI, low test or drug]M-13 days jail or DIP. Up to
6 months. [If Δ given
unlimited privileges with IID, jail to be suspended]
$375 – $1,075
1st in 10 years
and either: [a] high test, or [b] refusal with
prior in 20 years
M-16 days jail or 3 days jail
and DIP. Up to 6 months. [If Δ given unlimited privileges with IID, jail to be suspended]*
$375 – $1,075
2nd in 10 years [simple OVI, low test or drug]M-110 days jail or
5 days jail and 18 days HAEM and/or CAM.* Up to 6 months.
$525 – $1,625
2nd in 10 years
and either: [a] high test, or [b] refusal with
prior in 20 years
M-120 days jail or
10 days jail and 36 days HAEM and/or CAM.* Up to 6 months.
$525 – $1,625
3rd in 10 years [simple OVI, low test or drug]Unclassified misdemeanor30 days jail or
15 days jail and 55 days HAEM and/or CAM.* Up to 1 year.
$850 – $2,750
3rd in 10 years
and either: [a] high test, or [b] refusal with
prior in 20 years
60 days jail or
30 days jail and 110 days HAEM and/or CAM.* Up to 1 year.
$850 – $2,750
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