Texas Jury Renders $300 Billion Verdict in Drunk Driving Wrongful Death

Is everything bigger in Texas? Given the massive personal injury verdict rendered by a Texas injury lawsuit recently, it certainly seems to be the case. True to the Texas mantra, this Corpus Christi jury rendered the largest personal injury verdict in history. In the lawsuit, filed against Defendant Beer Belly’s Sports Bar, the jury awarded the Plaintiffs $301 billion dollars.

The lawsuit was filed against Beer Belly’s Sports bar as a result of an accident in 2017 that caused the death of multiple victims including the intoxicated driver. 16 year old Aujuni Anderson and her grandmother, 59 year old Tamra Kindred, were the victims of the accident and sadly passed away as a result of their injuries. The surviving family members filed a lawsuit based on the legal theory that the bar had served the driver a reckless and dangerous amount of alcohol that resulted in the Defendant running a red light at excessive speed and causing the crash.

After a trial, the Bar was ordered to pay the victims’ family members who brought the lawsuit over $1 billion in actual damages and an additional $300 billion in “exemplary damages” according to reports citing the court records in the matter. Unfortunately, the verdict was not expected to be paid given the bar subsequently closed its doors.

The Defendant, 29-year-old Joshua Delbosque, reportedly was dangerously intoxicated but somehow still able to open a second tab and continued to be served alcohol by the bar. He reportedly left the establishment with a blood alcohol content of .263 mg/dl, “over three times the legal limit for driving and enough to render many people unconscious, according to expert testimony.”

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