Is There a Place on Earth With No Laws?

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Laws are constituted to keep peace and order. Laws also define what a community of people deems as important to their way of living. For others, laws curtail freedom and individuality. Are there still places on earth not governed by laws? Here are a few places on earth where laws do not exist.

1. Antartica

The first place is Antarctica. A treaty in 1959 ensured that the place is free for all. But since it is no more than a large chunk of ice and has little to offer in terms of natural resources and is barely inhabitable. The whole continent is donated to science for scientists to study and experiment on.

2. International Waters

International Waters is defined as beyond 12 nautical miles of any body of water surrounding a nation and not governed by any sovereign laws. But hold your skipper outfit though. Although this is deemed as lawless waters, the Convention on the High Seas takes over. This ensures piracy is illegal as well as murder. Anyone caught doing an illegal act will be tried under Admiralty Law.

3. Western Territory of Afghanistan

Western Territory of Afghanistan aka Ungoverned Afghanistan. In this corner of the globe, tribal laws are imposed by various indigenous tribes of the region. It is unclaimed by the state and therefore governed by tribes.

4. Pictrain Island

Pictrain Island is another place with no laws. It is populated only by 48 people. Pictrain and the unpopulated islands surrounding it are claimed as British territory, but the islanders have crafted their own rules.

5. Slab City

5. Slab City is not far from civilization. It is just a hundred miles east of San Diego. It is a free alternative living community that was a World War 2 base, Marine Barracks Camp. The name Slab City was coined from the concrete slabs that were the remains of the military base after it was abandoned. One reason for living in the community is poverty. But for some, the feeling of freedom from rules and ordinances is a good reason to stay and take up permanent residence

Laws are important, but also self-governance. It is not just abiding by rules that make a person good, but by using his/her own moral compass on what is right and good. Just by following the golden rule – “do unto others what you want done to yourself”, you will attain free and easy living.

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