Pedestrian Accidents in Ohio

Every year, approximately 60,000 people are injured in a pedestrian accident, many causing fatalities. On average, a pedestrian was killed every 2 hours and injured every 8 minutes in traffic crashes in 2013. The amount of pedestrians injured per day in the United States by cars is sobering. Here is a chart showing the amount of pedestrians hurt by cars each day in the United States in a respective year. Pedestrian accidents occur when a pedestrian and motor vehicle or truck crash. Thousands of pedestrians are injured in these accidents yearly. The fault of the accident can be attributed to multiple factors including pedestrian and/or vehicle negligence, disobeying traffic signals, unfavorable driving conditions, or ineffective traffic signs.

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Environmental Characteristics of Pedestrian Injuries

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, environmental factors seem to play a large role in the frequency and severity of pedestrian accidents. Below is a chart showing the environmental conditions involved in pedestrian accidents in 2013.

As expected, a higher concentration of pedestrian traffic collisions occurs in crowded, pedestrian heavy urban areas. As a result, take extra care when traveling on foot in cities and dense urban corridors. Also remember that accident frequency is less at intersections, where drivers expect to find pedestrians. As a result, refrain from crossing the road at non-intersections to decrease the likelihood of a pedestrian traffic collision.

The Time of Day Matters

Visibility and reaction time is diminished with loss of visibility. As a result, it’s perhaps not surprising that a large number of pedestrian fatalities occur at night. The highest percentage of pedestrian traffic injuries occur after 6 pm on weekends. The chart below, compiled by the NHTSA, shows the break down of pedestrian injuries by time of day for a one year span.

The Responsibility of a Driver to a Pedestrian

The main responsibility a driver owes to pedestrians is to obey driving laws, and to drive carefully. In an effort to drive safely, it is suggested a driver follows basic road rules such as:

  • Always remain alert and take a break if you are feeling tired or distracted.
  • Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk. They may be stopped to allow pedestrians to cross the street.
  •  Never drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Obey all speed limits, and always drive according to current weather conditions including rain, snow, hail, and sun.
  • Stay focused and slow down where children may be present, like school zones and neighborhoods.
  • Refrain from using technological devices such as cell phones, GPS navigation systems, and other distracting gadgets.
  • Exercise caution in areas partial to pedestrians such as parking lots and busy intersections.
  • Be particularly attentive to pedestrians not obeying traffic laws – such as pedestrians that may jaywalk or walk through traffic lights.

Is the Driver or Pedestrian at Fault After an Injury?

The degree of fault is determined by various factors. The negligence of the party who caused the accident is generally held responsible. Negligence and fault is often times unclear. Often times, proper fault is not determined until an appropriate hearing. Further, the accident will have to be investigated accordingly to determine the party at fault.

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