Ohio DUI and OVI Sentences in Ohio

In Ohio, the minimum and maximum sentences in an OVI increase with each subsequent conviction. 

Penalty for a First DUI / OVI Offense in Ohio

For a first-time simple OVI conviction which is a misdemeanor of the first degree, the sentence includes a minimum of three days up to 180 days in jail, a driver license suspension for one to three years, and a fine of $375.00 to $1,075. The minimum three days may be served in a driver intervention program. The court must suspend jail if the defendant is granted unlimited driving privileges (UDP). UDP requires a certified ignition interlock device.

Penalty for a Second DUI / OVI Offense in Ohio

For a second simple OVI offense, the sentence increases to ten days to 180 days, a driver license suspension for one to seven years, and a fine of $525 to $1,625. For a third simple OVI conviction, the sentence includes jail of 30 days to one year, a driver license suspension for two to 12 years, and a fine of $850 to $2,750. You will also receive points on your driver license. Any additional convictions will be classified as a felony resulting in more severe penalties.

Additional Penalties for an DUI / OVI

Additional penalties which may be imposed as part of an OVI conviction include, yellow plates, an ignition interlock system, vehicle immobilization or forfeiture, and a secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring system (SCRAM). Additional results of an OVI conviction can lead to increased automobile insurance premiums, points on your driver license, and a license reinstatement fee. Repeat OVI offenders may need to be registered as a habitual offender.
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