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Whether you ride a cruiser or a sport bike, we understand how a motorcycle is a lifestyle as well as a mode of transportation. The freedom and sense of speed is unrivaled. However, we also know that negligent drivers can injure motorcycle riders very seriously. At Sawan & Sawan, our motorcycle accident lawyers have seen first hand the devastation that a motorcycle accident can have on a family. If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accidents, call our family of motorcycle accident lawyers at Sawan & Sawan today for a free consultation. 

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Every year, the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration compiles statistics regarding motorcycle accidents in the United States. In 2018, the total number of motorcycle accident fatalities in the United States was:

Motorcycle Accident Fatalities

While this was a drop fo 5% from the previous year, this number still represents devastation for families throughout America. Out of these fatal crashes, nearly 30% involved unlicensed motorcycle operators. There is also a clear pattern regarding the location of fatal motorcycle accidents. 

Non-Interstate Principal Arterial Motorcycle Fatalities
Non-Interstate Minor Arterial Motorcycle Fatalities
Non-Interstate Collector Motorcycle Fatalities
Non-Interstate Local Motorcycle Fatalities
Interstate Motorcycle Fatalities
Non-Interstate Freeway/Expressway Motorcycle Fatalities

The data also shows that location, land use, weather and lighting conditions have a significant effect on the frequency of motorcycle accident fatalities. This information shows how important it is for motorcyclists to be aware of the external forces, as well as the density and type of land use at all times when riding. 

Land Use
Motorcyclist Location
Light Condition

Motorcycle Safety to Avoid Accidents

Due to the size and speed of motorcycles, safety is absolutely critical. However, even when you are as safe as possible, other drivers can be careless and negligent when it comes to sharing the road with motorcycles. Regardless of other drivers on the road, here are some tips from the motorcycle accident attorneys at Sawan and Sawan to help keep you safe on your bike. 

1. Obtain the Proper License

One alarming statistic is that almost 30% of motorcycle accident fatalities in the United States involves an unlicensed operator. The fact is that there are some very real differences between operating a car and a motorcycle. Each one requires very different skills and knowledge. While state laws vary, all states require a motorcycle license endorsement to supplement your automobile drivers license. In most states, you’ll also be required to pass a written and on-cycle test. Whether you’re required to pass a test or not, it’s a good idea to take an education course to ensure that you understand the best practices for safely riding your motorcycle. 

2. Practice Riding

All motorcycles handle differently, so it’s very important that you practice extensively before taking the bike on the road. Taking some time to become accustomed to the bike can help to avoid problems when you’re riding. After some practice, you can begin to take it into traffic. It’s also important to gain some familiarity with various road conditions, for example inclement weather, slick pavement, potholes, or debris on the road.

3. Pre-Ride Check

Before you get on your bike for each ride, it’s wise to check a variety of things on the bike. To begin it’s always a good idea to check the motorcycle tire pressure, it’s tread depth, and the hand and foot brakes. You will also want to check underneath the bike for any gas or oil leaks. If you happen to be carrying any cargo, do you want to ensure that it is tied down securely and that the load is balanced appropriately.  If you plan on riding with a passenger, you want the passenger to get on the bike before you start the engine. It’s always a good idea to remind your passenger to keep his or her legs and feet away from the muffler, as the muffler can get incredibly hot during operation. 

3. Helmets Save Lives

If you’re ever in a motorcycle crash, and we sincerely hope you’re not, often times the only difference between life and death is a helmet. Remember that not all helmets are the same, so you want a helmet that meets the U.S. Department of Transportation’s basic standards. Ideally, your legs and arms will be fully covered anytime you’re riding your bike. This will help significantly if you’re involved in a crash. Lastly, bright colors to help increase your visibility on the road. 

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents are often severe, so we always recommend that – at minimum – you speak to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer if you have been injured while riding. We offer completely free, no pressure initial consultations – and are happy to do so via video conferencing for your convenience. Having helped countless victims of negligence, we know that your life is completely turned upside down after an unexpected injury. Because of this, we understand that your financial condition may not be sufficient to afford the up front cost of aggressive representation. Our family of lawyers is fair, flexible and transparent with payment – and we will work with any situation. We are here to help, and that starts with you reaching out. 

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