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Whenever you talk about making a claim with an insurance company to cover damage that happened to your property, you are essentially talking about contracts more broadly. After all, insurance policies are just very complex contracts that also involve a variety of state law considerations. This is why you should consult with an experienced and knowledgable insurance claims attorney before resolving your claim in certain cases. It can benefit you tremendously to have an ally in your corner that understands contracts, insurance law and the insurance investigation process. Call Sawan & Sawan today at 419-900-0955 for a free consultation if you are making a property damage claim with your insurance company. 

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Insurance Law in Michigan

The insurance claims process can be quite frustrating. It starts with you going through a difficult experience when your property has been damaged or you’ve otherwised suffered a significant loss and its the exact reason you have insurance in the first place. Come to find out, the claim isn’t covered or you’re not getting the response you thought from the insurance company. Maybe you’ve had some interaction with your insurance company and the claim hasn’t been accepted or paid in a reasonable time-frame and you’re starting to wonder if you should conduct a lawyer. In some cases, we hear from clients who have been fighting with their insurance company or being investigated and just need help getting through the process. Whatever has happened in your case, we encourage you to call us so we can benefit from knowing the facts. In general, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and don’t always cover losses that they should. Often times, the insurance company will utilize all of its available time (up until the Statute of limitations) to conduct a major investigation before even making a claims decision at all. Here’s a broad overview of how the process typically goes when you submit a claim to an insurance company and they decide to conduct an insurance investigation. 

Investigation Opened
In most cases, the insured will receive a letter - perhaps sent by the insurance company's lawyer - and it will serve to notify the insured of the claims investigation. These letters typically request certain documents and in some cases, the insured is contacted by an insurance investigator.
Document Gathering
Once the investigation has formally begun, there is usually a co-operation clause in the policy that requires the insured to make a strong effort to cooperate with all insurance company requests. Unfortunately, the insurance company usually has the right to request a pretty broad range of documents that the insured has to produce or can be denied on that basis alone.
Examination Under Oath
These are meetings that involve attorneys for the insurance company and usually the insured and their attorney where the insurance company can ask questions as part of its claim investigation.
Claim Decision
Ultimately, the insurance company is making a decisions as to whether they are going to cover your claim under the terms of the policy or not. After the investigation, this decision will be communicated to you hopefully in advance of the statute of limitations to file any lawsuits regarding the decision.

Examinations Under Oath in Michigan

A common part of an insurance investigation involves an examination under oath or EUO. Most the insurance policies out there give the insurance company a broad set of rights to conduct a thorough investigation before even making any coverage decision at all. Examinations Under Oath are meetings that the insurance company has the right to call where the insured is required to answer questions under oath. We strongly advise anyone undergoing an EUO to contact an insurance lawyer. The questions at an EUO generally will be part of the investigation but can be a bit wide ranging as they are designed to help the insurance company determine if they will cover you or not. A typical line of questioning involves financial conditions and the circumstances that gave rise to the loss of your property. 


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Robert D.
Robert D.
Former Client
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Dennis was very prompt in emails, phone calls and helped resolve my case as quickly as possible. I would re-hire him and recommend him to others with no reservations.
John R.
John R.
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Highly recommend! Works hard and actually does in depth research and analysis on your case. He is great with communicating with you and the courts. I couldn’t be more pleased or impressed with him!! Thanks Dennis!
Britney M.
Britney M.
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I would recommend Attorney Dennis Sawan to anyone seeking legal representation. Dennis was able to walk me through a complicated, daunting process and ensured that I promptly got a great outcome. He was knowledgeable, professional, and thoughtful. Thank you for all of your help!
The range of knowledge and years of experience within this firm definitely has solidified me as a customer for life! You will not find a better attorney or firm in the city of Toledo, or beyond!
Sawan & Sawan Law Firm diligently and professionally provided me with excellent legal services. Mr. Sawan thoroughly explained all of my options and presented a well designed course for action
My review cannot express the amount of satisfaction I have for this team that represented me. Their legal knowledge and expertise is outstanding by far and if you come across this team I highly recommend them for your number 1 choice.


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