How to Get a Car Accident Report in Cleveland, Ohio

If you or a loved when have been in a car accident in Cleveland, Ohio – you may be wondering how to obtain the police crash report from the City of Cleveland. This guide from the personal injury lawyers at Sawan  & Sawan will take you through the steps and costs to obtain a report for a car accident in Cleveland. 

How to Obtain a Cleveland Car Accident Report

  • Online – You can obtain an accident report for a car accident in Cleveland by clicking on this link to the Ohio State accident report database.
  • In Person – You can make a request by phone at 216-623-5352
  • By Mail – You can make a written request by mail by writing to the Cleveland Public Records Division at 1300 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113.

What Information is Needed to Get The Report Online?

If possible, it is much easier to obtain the accident report if you have some basic information. Before you begin this process, it is advisable to collect the following information:

  1. The date of the car accident; and
  2. The location of the car accident; and
  3. The names of the involved parties.

Where to Find Accident Reports in Cleveland, Ohio Online

In order to access your Cleveland Accident Report online, you should first start by loading the State of Ohio’s public records request system here. When you click this link, you should see forms on the page requesting information to submit a public records request. You should set the date of the accident or a range. You can select the particular county where the accident happened, or the responding officers, but its not required. Just make sure at least a date and last name is provided.

What is the Cost of a Car Accident Report in Cleveland, Ohio?

Many Ohio cities charge for accident reports, but Cleveland does not follow this trend for electronic copies. Accident reports from Cleveland, Ohio are now available through the submission form on the Cleveland Public Records Center. Once the request have been submitted, you should be able to see the report in your portal. Remember that the City of Cleveland reports that these records are not available until 7-10 days after the car accident. 

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