Harry Styles Lawsuit Following 2019 Crowd Crush Injury

A Harry Styles fan has filed a lawsuit following a concert crowd surge that caused alleged injuries in 2019. The plaintiff is now suing the Forum, it’s then owner Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp, Madison Square Garden Sports Corp., Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Stubhub and EighteenTwentySix for negligence. Interestingly, the artist himself was not named in the lawsuit. Since then, the Forum has been sold to new ownership in March of 2020. 

Specifically, the complaint alleged that the event organizers:

“had a duty to but failed to provide sufficient seating, lighting, security, supervision, crowd control, or otherwise provide for the safety of concert goers [sic] that night. This included preventing large numbers of persons from surging forward, crushing concert goers into the barriers and stage and the front of the venue. Moreover, defendants had a duty to provide a safe venue that did not focus the crowd into a narrow choke point such that persons at the front of the venue would have no way to avoid harm should a surge of concert goers occur,”

The complaint goes on to further explain the allegedly dangerous conditions that occurred on the night of December 13th, 2019:


“a large crush of fans surged toward the stage, another concert [goer] landed on plaintiff and plaintiff was crushed by other concert goers as the fell to her hands and knees causing her serious injury.” As a result, the plaintiff alleges that she sustained “injury to her body and shock to her nervous system, all of which caused and continue to cause her great physical, mental and nervous pain and suffering. Moreover, plaintiff suffers permanent chronic and debilitating injuries that have significantly diminished her quality of life.”

Live Nation is also currently in the midst of several other lawsuits surrounding its Astroworld Festival, during which 10 people died due to a crowd surge on Nov. 5, 2021. The company was just granted an extension by a congressional oversight committee, who have asked for written answers to questions surrounding the events of the festival.

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