The 5 Worst Truck Accidents of All Time​

Vehicular accidents are horrifying and can lead to fatalities, especially if it involves big trucks. They can plow through several smaller vehicles. Commercial freight trucks hauling goods and products across the country are important contributors to the economy, but because of meeting deadlines, driver’s stress levels, lack of focus and poor maintenance, trucks are the leading cause of accidents, debilitating injuries, and death as well as damage to property. Here is a compilation of the worst truck accidents in the US.

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  1. In Birmingham I-59, a truck accident killed a Fairfield fire chief and seriously injured his daughter. An 18-wheeler unexpectedly crossed the median, hitting two vehicles including the SUV of the fire chief. The collision broke off the top of the vehicle which killed the 54-year old fire chief and left his 26-year old daughter seriously injured.
  2. 2013 – North Carolina: two sisters were killed in an underride impact with two trucks. Traveling with their parents going to a Texas, the fatal accident occurred when a truck sideswiped their car, that resulted in spinning, then struck again, which pushed the spinning car under another truck. The other truck’s underride guard did not hold, which led to the death of the two teen sisters.
  3. In 1984, the most horrifying truck accident in Montana history happened when a school bus crashed with a fuel tanker truck during a January snowstorm. The passengers on the bus were the high school wrestling team returning from a meet, when a double tanker truck plunged from the opposite side of the highway and landing right in front of the bus. A huge fireball resulted from the accident that surrounded the bus. 9 of the people in the bus including the coach, his wife and child suffered fatal injuries, while 19 others suffered serious to minor injuries.
  4. An oldie but definitely not a goody: in 1976, a truck carrying 7,500 gallons of ammonia lost control in the Houston freeway. It rolled through a guardrail and jack knifed off a ramp onto a cramped highway below. The accident killed 5 people and injured 180 others who became trapped in the cloud of poisonous gas. The cause of the accident was the truck driver speeding.
  5. A driver from Georgia driving a truck to New York crashed into a median that clipped the cable barrier, ensuing a head-on collision with another truck on the southbound lane near Blacksburg, South Carolina. The crash ignited a huge fire that burned the Georgia driver beyond identification. Dental records had to be used to identify the body.

Always be careful on the open road, you’ll never know what you’ll encounter. And for personal injuries caused by truck accidents, visit our website: for more info.

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