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DUI and OVI Charges in Ohio

In Ohio, an OVI is a serious matter. The law states that a person can not drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or greater. The BAC limit is lower for CDL drivers and minors. A driver is also not permitted to drive with a drug such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or meth if over certain limits. If arrested the accused is usually charged with an OVI offense.

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The Legal Consequences and Severity of DUI/OVI Charges

A charge of an OVI in Ohio has severe consequences. From jail time, fines, driving license suspensions, to high legal costs, an OVI conviction can change your life. It can not be expunged and prior convictions can result in more severe consequences.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Lawyer for Defense

It is imperative that you contact an OVI attorney when charged with an OVI. The OVI process is complicated and without guidance, mistakes can be made. Without an understanding of criminal law, you may make statements that ultimately hurt your case. An OVI attorney will discuss the case with you and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision in your case. When charged with an OVI, it is essential that you contact an OVI attorney as soon as possible. The process is complicated and the law is always changing. An attorney can explain the law and guide you through the criminal process. “going it alone” may cause serious mistakes and provide statements that may be used against you at a later date. Having an attorney explain the process will prevent those mistakes and provide you with guidance throughout the process.

How Can A Law Firm Help After a DUI / OVI Charge?

Our law firm of criminal defense attorneys can handle an OVI charge and driver license suspensions in Bowling Green. We are a hands-on law firm involving ourselves with every aspect of your case. From the initial arraignment through trial, we will defend your rights. When appropriate, we will negotiate a potential resolution to your case and assist you in getting your driver’s license reinstated. We are available and dedicated to providing the legal support you need through this stressful time.
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