Need to Know What Offenses Result in Points on Your Driver's License in Ohio?

How many points are certain offenses in Ohio? In Ohio, drivers who accumulate 12 or more points after convictions for traffic offenses will have their license suspended for 6 months. If the driver pleads guilty and pays any applicable fines, it is the equivalent of a conviction. Points stay on the driver’s license for 2 years after the conviction.

If a driver accumulates 12 points within a 2 year period, the license suspension is automatic, although the driver should be notified of the driver’s right to a court hearing. Drivers must petition the court for a hearing. A judge may impose conditions upon the suspension, such as allowing for driving privileges only for purposes of getting to and from work. Driving while the license is under suspension can subject the driver to serious criminal penalties, including jail time in some cases.

Upon completion of the 6 month suspension, the driver must complete a remedial driver education class, provide proof of insurance and take a drivers’ test again before the license will be reinstated. If the driver completes an approved remedial driving course prior to accumulating 12 or more points, the driver should receive a 2-point credit. Drivers can take this course up to 5 times in their lifetime, but no more than once ever 3 years.

Below, please find a chart with some common ticketed offenses and the points associated with them.

ViolationPointsORC §
Failure to Yield to Pedestrian/Blind24511.46-47
Perjury/False Info02921.11
Driving w/o Owner Consent62913.03
Motor Vehicle Felony62913.02
Vehicular Homicide62903.07
Hit Skip/Leave Scene64549.02 & 4549.021
Driving Under Suspension/Revocation24510.11
Drag Racing/Street Racing64511.251
Flee/Elude Officer62921.331
Stop Sign24511.43
Traffic Control Lights24511.13
Railroad Crossing24511.61-64
Traffic Control Dev/Signs24511.12
Vio to Avoid Light2
Hit-Skip Private Prop24549.03
No Child Restraint04511.81
Vehicular Assault62903.08 (A) (2)
Speed (# in access of speed)4/2/04511.21
Slow Speed24511.22
Driving Under FRA Susp24510.16 (A)
Following Too Close24511.34
Speed (highway/expressway/freeway)4/2/04511.21
Speed Commercial4/2/04511.21
OVI.04 CommercialVaries4506.15(A) 2-5
Disregard of Safety44511.2
Disregard of Safety Vehicles/Property24511.201
One Way Traffic Violation24511.32
Driving Left of Center24511.29-30
Crossing Yellow Line24511.30 (B)
Right Side of Roadway24511.25
Crossing Divided Highway24511.35
Driving In Marked Lanes24511.33
Failure to Yield Right of Way24511.41-42 & 44
Opposing Vehicle Traffic Violation24511.26
Improper Passing24511.28
Violation When Being Passed24511.27
Stopped School Bus Violation24511.75
Without Due Regard Private Property24511.201
Unsafe Operation on Private Property2Municipal Code
Reckless Operation on Private Property2Municipal Code
Willful and Wanton Disregard44511.201
Unsafe Operation4Municipal Code
Reckless Operation44511.201
Disobey/Interfere With Police Order24513.36
Assured Clear Distance24511.21(A)
Starting and Backing24511.38
Driving on Closed Highway24511.71
Dropping/Placing Material on Roadway24511.74
Violation of Restriction24510.11
No Driver License04510.12(C)(1)
Lost Control of Vehicle2Municipal Code
Prohibited U-Turn24511.37
Improper/Prohibited Turn24511.36
Turn Signals24511.39
Failure to Turn24511.36
Failure to Control24511.202
Aggravated Vehicular Homicide62903.06(A)(2)
Operating an Unsafe Vehicle04513.02
Violation of Equipment Regulation04513.03-10,12-19,201-262,27,29
Violation of Slow Moving Vehicle Signs04513.11
Equipment Misuse04513.02
Disabled Vehicle Warning04513.28
Driving under OVI Suspension64510.14, 4511.19, 4511.191
Aggravated Vehicular Assault w/ Alcohol62903.08
Aggravated Vehicular Assault62903.08 (A) (1)
Vehicular Homicide w/ Alcohol62903.06 (A) (1)
Involuntary Manslaughter w/ Alcohol62903.04D
Driver’s License Required04507.35
Driver’s License Misrepresentation04507.30 & 4510.33
Physical Control Vehicle Intoxication2
Seat Belt Violation04513.263
Brake Equipment Violation04513.2
Impaired Alertness (CDL)24511.79(A)
Wrongful Entrustment04511.203(A)(1),(2),(3)
Endanger Child02919.22 (C1)
Failture to Control/Weaving2Municipal Code
Street Racing64511.251
Unsafe Operation Around Emergency Vehicle24511.213
Failure to Reinstate24510.21(B)
Driving Under 12 Point Suspension62903.04
OVI/DUI Refusal64511.19(A)(2)
Unreasonable Operation For Conditions24511.21 (A)
OVI/DUI High Tier (BAC .17 or Above)64511.19(A)(1)(f),(g), (h),(i)
Failure to Obey RR Stop Sign24511.61 (A)
Unsafe Operation/Passengers24511.51 (D)(E)(F)
Texting While Operating A Commercial Vehicle04511.204
Failure To Stop After An Accident04506.15
Driving While Texting04511.204
Driving Using Electronic Wireless Communication Device under Eighteen04511.205
Failure to Register Motor Vehicle04503.111
Driving on the Left Side of Roadway24511.30 (A)
Passing In Hazardous Zone24511.31
Expired License04510.12(C)(2)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Sawan & Sawan LLC has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this page. It is important to note that the laws in Ohio can change and while we’ve made every effort to make sure all of the information here is up to date, there is the possibility that a law has changed or something on this page does not reflect the exact state of the law at all times in the future. It is always critical to consult with a qualified Ohio traffic attorney if you are facing any type of traffic offense or other offense in Ohio that implicates your driver’s license. Sawan & Sawan is an Ohio based traffic defense law firm with Ohio traffic attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio. If you were given a ticket or have an issue with your driver’s license in Ohio and would like to speak further about your specific legal matter, call Sawan & Sawan today at 1-866-INJURY-0 or 419-900-0955 to schedule a free consultation.


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