Dogs on Patios Under Ohio HB 263

If your dog is anything like many of our pets, nothing makes pets happier than coming along to eat with their best friends. A new law in Ohio could make this easier for thousands of restaurants in Ohio by formally permitting dogs on patios. On April 12th, the Ohio House of Representatives passed a law permitting restaurants to allow dogs on this patios under certain conditions. Under House Bill 263, dogs would be permitted in outdoor dining areas – with a couple caveats. Keep in mind that House Bill 263 now goes to the Ohio Senate for a vote, but so far, there hasn’t been any organized opposition to it. Keep your paws crossed! Here’s a look at the bill:

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Ohio House Bill 263

1. For Employees – No Touching

An employee could not intentionally touch a dog (which might be difficult to resist).

2. Dogs Must Use Disposable Plates

Any food or water served to the dog would have to be on a single-use plate or container.

3. Dog Owners Must Use a Leash

Dogs would have to be on a leash.

4. Business Owners Must Post a Sign

The establishment would have to post a sign informing patrons that dogs are allowed.

5. Business Owners Must Provide Waste Disposal Kits Outdoors

The business would have to keep cleanup and sanitary-waste-disposal kits available outside.

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