Do I Need a Lawyer for a Fire Damage Insurance Claim?

If you’re the victim of a house fire, and you are making a claim to your insurance company to cover the fire damage to your home, you may be wondering if you should hire a fire damage insurance lawyer. The short answer is yes. You should have a lawyer as soon as possible after a house fire to represent your interests in obtaining full and fair compensation. Insurance companies will often assign a team of lawyers to your case if they choose to investigate. You need to level the playing field with qualified and experienced insurance claim counsel. We strongly recommend that you, at least, call us to discuss your case because we offer free consultations. There are so many nuances to this area of law that we need to get a basic understanding of the facts in your specific case to best provide you the options available to you. Contact us at 419-900-0955 if you are the victim of a house fire in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia or Florida and speak with a fire damage insurance claim lawyer from our team. 

What Do Fire Damage Insurance Lawyers Do?

The main job of an insurance lawyer is to help navigate the complex insurance claim or investigation process after a loss and seek to obtain the maximum compensation available under the insurance policy to cover your loss. Obtaining insurance proceeds after a house fire can be a lot more complicated than it seems. After all, a homeowners insurance policy is a complex contract with many nuances for you to understand. An insurance lawyer should look through the contract and pay attention to a number of things. For example, how the contract will deal with any lost contents, repairs versus total losses, and depreciation among several other issues. There are often confusing outcomes to the formulas used to calculate a variety of numbers in this calculation. An experienced insurance lawyer can make sure the calculation is being done correctly. It’s critical to have an insurance lawyer who is experienced with these contracts to help you interpret all the provisions that might apply and help make a full demand for compensation.

If the insurance company decides to investigate the fire, a lawyer becomes even more important. They will help you be organized and cooperate with the insurance company (something you are required to do). A typical insurance investigation for a fire damage claim may involve hundreds of documents. Just having an experienced lawyer to help you get organized and communicate with the insurance investigation counsel can be reassuring for you during a difficult time. An insurance lawyer with negotiation skills is critical to make sure you obtain all the compensation you are owed under the policy after the process has concluded. If there is a statement or examination under oath, your lawyer can help you prepare and attend with you in support. Ultimately, having a lawyer by your side provides a numerable benefits in the process of seeking insurance coverage for fire damage.

How Much Does an Insurance Fire Damage Lawyer Cost?

Most insurance lawyers will charge an hourly rate depending on their experience and the complexity of the insurance claim. These rates typically range from $200 an hour and higher. It is important to seek total transparency on the attorney’s fees. We recommend finding a firm that will take your case on a contingency fee basis or a mixed fee basis. This can significantly reduce the upfront cost that you will have to pay. We understand that if you’ve suffered a house fire, it is incredibly difficult to come up with a large sum of money to pay your lawyer only to have to wait many months to receive compensation for your loss. That’s why we use flexible billing terms in order to best help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible while we work to seek compensation from the insurance company. Call us today to learn more about our billing for fire damage insurance claims. 

What Should I Look For When Hiring a Fire Damage Insurance Lawyer?

The number one thing you should consider before hiring a fire damage insurance claim lawyer is the firm’s reviews. There is no substitute for satisifed clients who have retained the lawyer’s services and were happy with the representation they received. You can read our reviews here. Aside from reviews, you should try to find a firm that offers free consultations and tries to work with you on flexible billing terms. Make sure you hire a lawyer that is totally transparent on what fees they will charge and when. Lastly, you want to find attorneys that have experience both in resolving property damage claims and litigating insurance related matters. In the event the insurance company chooses not to pay you the compensation you are owed, you have to make sure your lawyers are ready to take the case to trial. 

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