FAQs for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Suspensions After a DUI In Ohio

How Long is a CDL Suspended After a DUI or OVI in Ohio?

If you have a CDL and are convicted of a first offense OVI, the CDL will be suspended for one year. It increases to three years if you were carrying hazardous materials. IF convicted of a second OVI, the CDL disqualification lasts for a lifetime.

If You Get an OVI in Ohio, How Long Do You Lose Your Commercial Driver License from an ALS Suspension?

If you have been arrested for an OVI in Ohio and have a Commercial Driver License (CDL), you will be looking at an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) for up to no more than 90 days. If operating your truck, you will be out of service for 24 hours. If you refuse an alcohol test, your CDL is suspended for one year.

Can a CDL driver be granted driving privileges after an OVI charge?

A CDL holder can get driving privileges for her individual driver license but will not be granted those privileges for a CDL during the time of the Administrative License Suspension(ALS) or court ordered suspension. The ALS can be challenged and if successful, would be terminated retroactively, and the CDL is reinstated. If a motion to stay the ALS is granted, all driving privileges are reinstated while the matter is pending.

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Why are the penalties for an OVI different for a CDL driver and a regular driver’s license?

Due to the inherent nature of a commercial driver’s responsibility in driving a commercial vehicle, an OVI conviction has more serious consequences. The CDL driver faces additional penalties for driving while intoxicated. She not only can receive the same sentence as a non-commercial driver, but may lose her CDL permanently. There can also be additional charges that may be filed against her if the OVI charge involved her driving the truck. This can result in added penalties imposed by the court.

What are the additional penalties for a CDL holder?

For DUI or OVI cases the involve a CDL, there can be additional penalties as the result of a conviction. These additional penalties are as follows:

  1. For a first time OVI conviction: CDL disqualification for one year.
  2. Refusal to submit to a test: CDL suspension for 90 days.
  3. Second OVI conviction: Lifetime CDL disqualification.

How does a stay of the ALS affect a CDL holder?

An administrative license suspension (ALS) is imposed against a CDL holder who is arrested for an OVI. It results in an immediate suspension of the driving privileges. A stay of the ALS temporarily halts any further legal proceedings. That would include the suspension of the CDL. With that suspension, the driver can retain her driving privileges. This allows her to continue to drive during the stay. If she is ultimately convicted, however, the ALS suspension would be reinstated.
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