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How Much is my Personal Injury Case Worth?

We get this question a lot, so we made a car accident settlement calculator to try to help.

Let’s make this clear from the beginning. There is no such thing as a personal injury settlement formula. There is no insurance settlement calculator for every specific case – including yours. In our 30+ years of combined experience – we’ve learned that there is no magic formula. 

You can keep Googling until you are blue in the face – but the difficult reality is that you will never find it unless you pick up the phone and speak to a lawyer. Any lawyer that suggests otherwise does not understand civil tort cases.

Valuing car and truck accident claims is challenging. Our system of civil justice requires juries to monetize injuries in accident cases. But injuries are just not readily monetizable – because all injuries are different and all humans are unique. So, ultimately, the best course of action if you have a specific questions about your case is to call a qualified personal injury lawyer. 

So, while it’s nearly impossible to answer this question with a one size fits all solution – But there is real information that can help you better understand the settlement value of your case. Here are some general questions to help you understand how the family of accident lawyers at Sawan & Sawan determine the value of a car or truck accident case. To discuss your specific accident case with a lawyer today, give our family of lawyers a call at 419-900-0955 or toll free at 1-866-INJURY-0 (ZERO) today to schedule a free consultation.

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The information above is intended as general information only – not specific legal advice. The field above merely shows an illustrative estimate of the potential value of claims with similar general characteristics. No attorney-client relationship is intended. Please understand that we cannot guarantee success on any given matter. Nor do we guarantee that any particular result will be attained by our firm. Any questions or concerns that you might have with regard to your specific case should be directed to us at once by calling 419-900-0955. We offer free consultations over the phone and in person.

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