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As car accident lawyers, we know the lengths that insurance companies will go to minimize your recovery. They hire adjusters who work in the best interest of the insurance company. Having dealt with insurance companies, our team understands how overwhelming and confusing dealing with them can be. To make things worse, without the benefit of years of experience handling car accident claims, you are unlikely to know what your car accident case is worth. As a result, it is very important to get an attorney involved as early as possible to assist you towards an optimal resolution.

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The General Stages of a Car Accident

Demand Package Transmitted
The demand package contains all the factual background of the car accident, all damages, any legal theories and a request for compensation.
Negotiation Period is Commenced
After the demand package is reviewed, negotiations will begin with the insurance company adjuster.This period can last for quite some time, depending on the nature of the case.
Settlement Offer Made
If liability is uncontested, the adjuster will extend any settlement offer. While this is often not the best and highest offer, it is the initial starting point to discuss compensation.
Settlement Reached
If the parties settle the matter, the adjuster will prepare a settlement and release. This document legally settles the matter and should be fully understood before execution.
Lawsuit Filed
If the parties are not able to come to a settlement, , then a lawsuit will need to be filed. Remember there is a statute of limitations that requires the lawsuit to be filed within that time period.

Communicating with Insurance Adjusters

When dealing with the insurance adjusters, retaining a skillful and experienced Perrysburg car accident lawyer to assist you is incredibly important. Trying to negotiate for something that you don’t know the value of is nearly impossible.. An insurance adjuster, however, that understands that the lawyer on the other end of the phone has extensive experience dealing with car accident claims will engage in negotiations in a transparent and more fair way.. , We will give the insurance company the following type of information:

  • A legal opinion of who is responsible for the injuries which are related to the accident.
  • The injuries and the effect they will have in the future
  • A list of current and future medical bills.
  • All lost income.
  • Other relevant damages.

Damages in Minor Accidents in Perrysburg

In car accidents, you look to recover out-of-pocket expenses, and “pain and suffering.” Medical bills are easy to document. “Pain and suffering”, however, is more subjective and often times, harder to proof… The burden is tougher when there is minor damage. How do you prove “soft tissue injury” and “pain and suffering” in a minor accident?
Pain and suffering looks at both the physical and emotional stress associated with an accident. Most often, “soft tissue injuries” occur in these minor accidents. Over playing “pain and suffering” in these cases often happens. Insurance adjusters look at the severity and permanency ofinjuries. As an example, you will receive more compensation with three broken ribs than if you only suffer bruising. Soft tissue injuries must be supported by your doctor. An x-ray will confirm a reversed lordotic curve. This finding causes headaches and painful soft tissue injury. Your description of the pain can also help the doctor.. Your body movement in the accident, can also substantiate the location of your pain.

Adjusters will often multiply the amount of medical bills to calculate “pain and suffering”. To assist your doctor and attorney, you should discuss your pain and suffering. This will assist your attorney in estimating your pain and suffering and convey these findings to the adjuster.

If you can’t resolve your soft tissue injury case, you will need to consider the  filing of a lawsuit. This is both expensive and time-consuming. It is also stressful and frustrating.  So before filing a lawsuit, discuss the case with your attorney.  If the injury is soft tissue and quickly resolves, it might be cost prohibitive to file. On the other hand, if you have severe injuries and significant medical bills filing would be appropriate.

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