The Average Personal Injury Verdict in Ohio

If you or a loved one have been injured – you may be wondering about the value of your personal injury claim. While it’s nearly impossible to determine the true value of any individual personal injury case without knowing the specific facts involved, reviewing notable verdicts and settlements can be a useful place to start when considering the value of a case. According to a recent study, jury verdict research indicates the following averages for personal injury cases in Ohio:

Average Ohio Personal Injury Jury Verdict
$ 0
Median Ohio Personal Injury Jury Verdict
$ 0
# of Ohio Personal Injury Cases that Exceed $1,000,000
0 out of 100

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that contribute to large Ohio Personal Injury settlements and verdicts in this post from the Award-Winning Personal Injury Lawyers at Sawan & Sawan. 

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Permanent Damages

While most cases settle well before a jury verdict, there are some cases that cannot settle for a variety of reasons. One of the top reasons is the permanency of a medical condition. Insurance companies are set up to consider backward looking damages such as incurred medical bills, lost wages and property loss. However, many times, injured victims have future damages that are – by their nature – speculative. These often require the use of economic and medical experts to render opinions as to the need for ongoing treatment and care. Moreover, especially with more risky surgical procedures, a personal injury victim may wish to put off certain procedures until a later determination is made about the necessity. This can make it rather difficult to weave this into a settlement – and can mean that the jury may ultimately need to come to it’s own conclusion as to whether the injured party should be compensated for this. In short – the more permanent a condition, the harder it is to settle a personal injury case. Remember that, once you settle a case, you cannot reopen the personal injury claim. Therefore, it’s vital that you think well into the future before hastily accepting an offer to settle a personal injury matter. 

Loss of Ability to Work

Like in the instance of permanent medical conditions – serious injury accidents can also leave personal injury victims without the means to continue to work. This can have a compounding effect of not just hurting the injured individual – but also their family and loved ones that rely on them for continued financial support. In this instance, it is vital to obtain evidence and expert opinions as to the loss of earning potential, probably limitations and the like. As explained above, the more forward looking the damages involved in a personal injury case, the more difficult the case can be to settle. In these instances, it’s vital that you be able to present, in a clear and well documented manner, why you feel as if you will be limited in the future in your ability to work. 

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