The Value of Good Car Accident Attorneys

Insurance companies spare no expense in protecting their interests with teams of lawyers and insurance company adjusters. The process to protect their bottom line begins immediately upon an automobile accident. Dealing with an insurance company can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when you are dealing with recovering from an injury. More importantly, it can be incredibly difficult to get the optimal result regarding your injury without knowing the value of your case. This is where Ohio car accident attorneys can help guide you through the process of recovery and ensure your rights are protected.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

It is estimated that 1 and 8 drivers in Ohio are uninsured. Ohio also has very low minimum policy limits of $12,500 per injury (legislation will raise this minimum to $25,000 in December of 2013). Automobile accident injuries frequently result in damages much larger than these minimums. As a result, it is critical that you inquire into uninsured/underinsured coverage. This means that in the event of an injury caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver, you will still have the right of recovery against your own insurance company.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

This is the area where an experienced and competent Ohio car accident lawyer can really provide tremendous value. As with any other situation, it is incredibly difficult to negotiate when you do not know the value of something. The laws governing damages for which you may seek compensation if you are in a car accident in Ohio are rather complex. Often times, attorneys that work for insurance companies and adjusters simply do not respect the legal opinion of non-lawyers. Leverage is frequently gained by retaining an Ohio car accident attorney to assist you in the negotiation process. Once an insurance company knows that you have retained a car accident attorney in Ohio, they must consider the possibility of litigation and they must weigh the professional legal opinion of a strong advocate for your rights. A skilled Ohio automobile accident attorney will present to the insurance company:

  • A legal opinion of who is responsible for the injuries and why in a coherent manner
  • The injuries and the probable effect they will have in the future
  • An accounting of current medical bills and estimates of future costs
  • An accounting of lost income
  • Other relevant damages

Getting to Settlement

After a demand package is transmitted to the insurance company, an often tense negotiation period is commenced. The services of a skilled car accident lawyer in Ohio can be of tremendous value when negotiating the amount of your claim. After some argument, a settlement offer will likely be extended by the insurance company if they determine the claim is covered. At this point, it is important to speak with your attorney openly and candidly about the value of your case, the potential legal problems and the full extent of future damages. Even if you are injured in a car accident in Ohio, settling the case before litigation might make sense. While it can be hard to predict future damages with exact specificity, a good car accident attorney can help you weigh the relative pros and cons of a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, your Ohio car accident lawyer can begin the process of bringing suit against the insurance company in a court of law.

Helpful Tips if You’re in a Car Accident in Ohio

  • Gather the Facts
  • Take Photos (Cell Phone Cameras are your friend)
  • Do not make a statement admitting fault
  • Compile names and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • Make a police report
  • Collect all medical diagnosis paperwork and bills
  • Collect any information relating to wage loss, pay stubs, etc.


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